Access                                                                                                                                 800-854-7771

     Psychiatric Mobile Response Team (PMRT)                                                         213-738-3433

     Monica                                                                                                                           310-482-3260

     Charles Lennon                                                                                                            213-996-1325

Adult Protective Services (APS)                                                                                    916-419-7545

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT)                                                                        213-738-2440

     Linda Boyd                                                                  213-738-4431

Board of Supervisors                                                                                      

     Hilda L. Solis                       1st District                                                    213-974-4111

     Mark Ridley-Thomas        2nd District                                                   213-974-2222              

     Sheila Kuehl                        3rd District                                                   213-974-3333

     Janice Hahn                        4th District                                                   213-974-4444

     Kathryn Barger                   5th District                                                   213-974-5555

Countywide Resource (CWR)                                                                       323-226-4447

Criminal Court Mental Health Liaison                                                       626-403-4370

Twin Towers Mental Health Dr. Joseph Ortega                                        213-974-9083 /  Fax  213-687-8044

Century Regional Detention Facility, Dr. Madrid or Dr. Tucker            323-568-4531

Century Regional Detention Facility Supervisor Aubrey Lovelace        323-568-4946

Department of Health Services                                                                      213-240-8101

Department of Managed Health Care California       (DMHC)                916-255-2405

Department of Mental Health

     Director of DMH Dr. Sherin,                  213-738-4601

     Medical Director Dr. Rod Shaner,       213-738-4603

     Family Advocate Helena Ditko             213-351-1900

Patient Rights Advocate Martin Hernandez Supervisor                           213-738-2524  

Public Guardian Deputy Supervisor Connie Draxler                                 213-974-0407    

Public Guardian Private Cons Liaison Kathy Van Dyke                            213-974-0549     

Department of Public Health Office of Diversian and Reintry                213-250-8501

            Peter Espinoza

            Substance Abuse Prevention                                                             844-804-7500 / 626-299-4595

Panel Attorney for Court 95o

     Ellie Finkelberg                                                                                           818-336-7404

Full Service Partnership (FSP)                                                                      213-738-4620

     Dennis Griffin, Program Manager                                                           213-738-4620

     Joyce Chiang, Older Adults 60+                                                              213-738-2327

     Hosun Kwon, Adults 26-59                                                                       213-639-6734

     Emi Bojan, Adults 26-59                                                                            213-738-6153

     Karen Moody, Young Adults 18-25                                                          213-738-2027

Medi-Cal                                                                                                             800-633-4227


Medicare                                                                                                            800-633-4227

NAMI Los Angeles County Council (LACC)  (        213-386-3615

NAMI Westside LA (                                                        310-889-7200

NAMI URBAN LA ( ( 323-294-7814

NAMI Antelope Valley (                           661-341-8041

NAMI East San Gabriel Valley                                                                       626-974-8702

NAMI Glendale (                                             323-478-1656

NAMI Long Beach Area (                                 562-435-2264

NAMI Pomona Valley (                                                   909-399-0305

NAMI San Gabriel Valley (                    626-577-6697

NAMI South Bay ( (         310-533-0705

NAMI San Fernando Valley (                                        818-994-6747

NAMI Los Angeles So Central (                   310-668-4271

NAMI Whittier (                                                     562-692-8006

Social Security                                                                                                    800-772-1213

Superior Court 95 (LPS Conservatorship Court)                    

     Moved:  Metropolitan Court House   1945 S. Hill St, Los Angeles. 90007            

     Supervising Judge J. Bianco (Dept 95 B) (Room 400) Writ                         323-441-1893

     Judge Daniel Juarez (Dept 95 A) (Room 401) (conservatorship cases)     323-441-1894

     Judge R. Longorio (Dept 95) (Room 612) (competency cases)                    323-441-1895

     Clerk’s Office for calendar of hearings                                                               323-441-1895

     Public Defender Vera Bradford                                                                           213-744-4374

     County Counsel Carey Cahlin                                                                              323-226-2909


If doctor refuses to initiate the LPS Conservatorship when the patient meets the CA Welfare and Institutions criteria for the mental health involuntary treatment, then send a similar form of the following paragraph to the the people listed below.  Tweak the paragraph specifically to reflect what the status situation is for your love one.


Address this to:

            Dr. Jonathan Sherin, DMH Director

And CC to:

Dr. Rod Shaner,  DMH Medical Director

all five LA Board of Supervisors.  These emails are listed above.

your CA state assembly person

your CA state senator

CEO of the hospital

Head of the Psychiatric Department at the treating hospital where your love one is staying. 

(Some of the contacts you may have to find on the internet.) 

“Dear Dr. Sherin,


NAME OF PATIENT meets the California Welfare and Institutions criteria for the LPS Conservatorship in that he/she has a serious mental illness (state the mental health diagnosis) and is gravely disabled.  He/she is gravely disabled in that he/she cannot provide for their food, clothing and shelter in a safe manner.  See attached paper.  (This is the paper in which their history, symptoms and gravely disabled is written).  Furthermore he/she has a history of non-compliance with treatment and has no insight into their illness. 


Please help to encourage the treating doctor (NAME OF DOCTOR) at ( TREATING FACILITY PLUS PHONE CONTACT) to initiate the LPS Conservatorship with the public guardians office.”




Contact info.”