Community Outreach

NAMI Pomona Valley (NAMI PV) works closely with other community organizations to increase awareness, improve services and dispel myths and the stigma surrounding mental illness. A diligent effort is underway to broaden supports and find effective ways to help people in our families and communities cope with growing mental health needs.  The current system of care cannot keep up with these needs with the resources available.  The volunteer sector has an indispensable role and through programs like those listed below, NAMI PV is helping many in our community to rise to the challenge. Response has been excellent!


Pomona Valley Interfaith Collaborative on Mental Health (ICMH)

In partnership with Tri-City Mental Health Services, the Interfaith Collaborative on Mental Health, working in the Pomona Valley, realizes how powerful a force for mental wellness faith organizations (churches, mosques, synagogues, temples) can be when equipped to respond promptly and effectively when individuals and families face mental health challenges. Several faith communities have joined with us as we hold conferences, town hall meetings and other events to increase mental health awareness, improve community response and reduce stigma within their own folds as well as the broader community.


In Our Own Voice (IOOV)

Individuals with mental illness give panel presentations to the larger commuinity, sharing their experience of mental illness. They tell of the challenges, hopes, setbacks, and successes involved. They inform and they exemplify the potential for recovery of individuals afflicted with mental illness.

In Our Own Voice shatters stereotypes about people with severe mental illnesses.


Parents & Teachers as Allies (P&TA)

Our outreach to the schools, called Parents and Teachers as Allies (P&TA) calls for early detection of mental illness and effective, timely, supportive response.  P&TA helps parents and teachers to better support youth who are more susceptible to school failure, bullying, suicide and other risk factors for unidentified or untreated mental illness.

The program consists of a two hour presentation offered to parents, teachers and other school professionals covering the following topics:

  • Keys to early recognition and links to appropriate evaluation and services.
  • Understanding family reactions to mental illnesses and guidelines for helping families.
  • Navigating the referral process and linking services as allies.
  • Strengthening the alliance between parents and school professionals and providing resources for both groups.

Ending the Silence (ETS)

  • 50 minute presentation about mental health for high school students
  • Includes educational PowerPoint where students learn signs and symptoms of various mental illnesses
  • Emphasizes that mental illness is treatable and recovery is possible
  • Includes personal testimony from a young adult living with a mental illness about their journey to recovery
  • Engages students through Q & A session
  • ETS reduces stigma through:
  •       Education – provide accurate information about mental illness to promote
    understanding and dispel myths
  •      Personal contact – puts a human face to mental illness and provides hope that
    recovery is possible



For information regarding any of our community outreach programs, please contact (909)625-2383 and ask for Heidi or Maria.