It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Why is May the most wonderful time of year? Because it’s Mental Health Awareness Month! It’s 31 glorious days when it feels like the whole world is talking about Mental Health and we just can’t get enough! Every day is a great day to educate, advocate, and celebrate whole person wellness. So where to begin? The facts. Mental Health is a component of everyone’s overall health; it represents your mindset, emotional wellbeing, stress response and ability to function on a daily basis. Your own Mental Health should be monitored and…

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NAMIWalks 2021

NAMIWalks is Here

NAMI’s biggest fundraiser of the year takes place on May 22nd and how we celebrate depends entirely on you! Because the “walk” is virtual you can participate with any activity that brings you joy, wellness, and mental health. Moreover, we want to feature you doing what you do best on Walk Day! If you sing, paint, cook, workout, build lego sets, craft, or game to de-stress, unwind, or feel great then you too can support NAMIPV! We are looking for volunteers for content as much as we are for fundraising…

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NAMI Pomona Valley is Upgrading

NAMIPV is growing, changing, and adapting to meet the needs of our community. Over the last year our amazing staff and volunteers continued to provide all of our quality services virtually in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we missed the experience of in-person gatherings we found that there were benefits such as more people from greater distances being able to attend classes and support groups. Being here for you and being accessible is our #1 priority. As we move forward we are recommitting to all our classic services while…

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