AAPI Mental Health Resources

AAPI Mental Health

NAMIPV recognizes the diversity of it’s membership and the greater populations that we serve. Within our primary service area alone the combined estimated Asian, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population average is 11.3%. That number may seem small but it represents a very real group of people every bit as important, diverse, and vulnerable to negative attacks as any other member of our community.

We want to make sure that everyone feels seen, heard, and supported, especially when their mental health and wellbeing is threatened by targeted negative actions. Being part of a culturally diverse community is one of the best things about living in the Pomona Valley. No matter who you are, know that we are here for you too!

For general resources on AAPI mental health and COVID related harassment please visit the following articles:
NAMI AAPI Mental Health Statistics and Information
Verywellmind Resources
Harvard University Student Guide

For local interactions visit our online support groups or volunteer with us so that every voice is heard.