General Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month.


Claremont Presbyterian Church 

1111 N. Mountain Ave.

Claremont, CA

Fellowship Hall – Park in rear of church campus


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Tuesday September 5, 2017  


 Guest Speaker – Alisa Dunn, MSW and Sandra Lepe

Navigating the Criminal Justice System


Come and learn about efforts to increase coordination and collaboration between the criminal justice and mental health systems, improve access to mental health services and support, and enhance continuity of care in LA County.  

PRESENTATION:   Alisa Dunn, MSW & Sandra Lepe

Navigating the Criminal Justice System


Sandra Lepe graduated from UCLA with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Education. She has worked in many areas with Mental Health and for the last 7 years she has been working with persistently mentally ill adults involved in the Criminal Justice System.


Working with the Supervisor Court System and County Jail to ensure that mentally ill inmates receive the mental health services needed to remain stable. She works hard to ensure that clients with mental health needs receive the mental health services they need in custody and in the community. At the same time for the past 10 years she has worked with LA County Psychiatric Mobil Response Team to evaluate clients in the community who needs emergency psychiatric care; assisting law enforcement to prevent the arrest and incarceration of mentally ill individuals; and works closely with DCFS to ensure that children under the care of DCFS receive the treatment they need.


Alisa Dunn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who graduated from Fresno State University with Masters of Social Work, she is the first recipient of the NAMI California Outstanding Criminal Justice Professional Award.   She is the Mental Health Clinical Program Head of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Court Linkage Program.


Alisa started the Mental Health Court Linkage Program, providing services to 5 Superior Courts in Los Angeles County. The program now provides services to all of the Superior Courts in Los Angeles County and also has five other programs assisting Mentally Ill adults involved in the Legal System.



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