General Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month.


Claremont Presbyterian Church

1111 N. Mountain Ave.

Claremont, CA

Fellowship Hall – Park in rear of church campus


Next Meeting


Tuesday November 7, 2017  


Affiliation Restructuring Meeting


October 20, 2017

Dear NAMI Members,

NAMI Pomona Valley has been participating in an Affiliate Restructuring study for the past year with the La Piana Consulting Group. The affiliate restructuring piece is addressing the advantage and need of the twelve NAMI Los Angeles Affiliates considering consolidating under one Affiliate “NAMI Los Angeles County”, similar to the NAMI San Diego County model.

NAMI National is also implementing the NAMI Standards of Excellence. Evidence of these standards and best practices will be required through the re-affiliation process that each NAMI Affiliate is required to complete and adhere to by December 2018. Please see the attached handout titled “Why is NAMI implementing the NAMI Standards of Excellence?”

We will be presenting the current Affiliate as it stands now and the benefits of a consolidation under NAMI Los Angeles County at our next General Meeting on Tuesday November 7th at the Claremont Presbyterian Church 1111 N. Mountain Avenue, Claremont from 7:30pm – 9pm. After the presentation we will call upon our members to vote on the Consolidation of NAMI Pomona Valley to operate as a “chapter” under NAMI Los Angeles County. All paid members will have a vote. If you have any question that your membership is current, please call Maria Franz at the office from 9am-2pm Mon.,Tues., Thurs & Fri. @ (909) 625-2383.

Please see a quick guide to the benefits of this consolidation:

  • “NAMI Los Angeles County” will have a stronger voice to continue our mission and advocate for our loved ones with mental health conditions.
  • We will have a greater funding stream as “one” large, more stable organization. Funders do not want to deal with several entities for the same work, and they want the recipients of the funding to have the infrastructure and capacity to support the funding. Consolidating will achieve that in time.
  • Our Pomona Valley Chapter will remain the same in terms of managing our programs and services.   Our funds remain our funds in a restricted account with NAMI LA County.

Please join us in order to get a clear understanding of the process and have the opportunity to vote. Voting by proxy is not allowed according to NAMI Pomona Valley Bylaws.

Thank you,

Lora Illig

Executive Director


Why is NAMI implementing the NAMI Standards of Excellence?

The public has high expectations for both the ethical standards and the impact of the country’s 1.44 million charitable organizations, but often has trouble distinguishing one nonprofit from another. Unethical or improper conduct by an individual organization, though rare, can thus jeopardize the human and financial support on which countless other activities rely.

In September of 2004 Senators Grassley (R-IA) and Baucus (D-MT) encouraged Independent Sector to convene an independent panel on the nonprofit sector to consider and recommend actions that would strengthen good governance, ethical conduct, and effective practice of public charities and private foundations. In response, Independent Sector convened the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector which engaged thousands of people involved with charities and foundations to address concerns shared by nonprofit organizations, members of the public, Congress, and federal and state oversight agencies about reports of illegal or unethical practices by some charitable organizations and their donors. Their Strengthening the Transparency, Governance, and Accountability of Charitable Organizations report, issued to Congress in June 2005, with a supplemental report issued in 2006, offered more than 100 recommendations for improving government oversight, including new rules to prevent unscrupulous individuals from abusing charitable organizations for personal gain. The Pension Protection Act of 2006 enacted many of these recommendations into law. The Panel was equally committed to formulating effective, broadly applicable methods of self-regulation, and in October 2007, it issued the Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice, A Guide for Charities and Foundations.

The Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice outlines 33 principles of sound practice for charitable organizations and foundations related to legal compliance and public disclosure, effective governance, financial oversight, and responsible fundraising. The Principles should be considered by every charitable organization as a guide for strengthening its effectiveness and accountability. The Principles were developed by the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector in 2007 and updated in 2015 to reflect new circumstances in which the charitable sector functions, and new relationships within and between the sectors.

NAMI formed a workgroup in 2007 to craft standards of operation. Two and a half years later, NAMI leaders and members have finalized based on the guiding principles of good governance, ethical practices and NAMI governing documents and practices the NAMI Standards of Excellence that all parts of NAMI need to collaborate with and implement through processes called re-chartering for NAMI State Organizations and re-affiliation for NAMI Affiliates.


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